Our Terms And Conditions

I. Elias Wilf Return Policy

At Elias Wilf, we understand that you are at times faced with overstock issues, ordering errors, and items that need to be returned to the supplier. It is our goal to help things run smoothly. As always, we readily accept returns of uninstalled / unopened items shipped in error by Elias Wilf and reported within 10 days of delivery. However, in all other circumstances, the standard re-stock fee for returnable items to our warehouse is 30%. When you call our Claims representative and indicate your request to return material, you will be notified of this restock fee. For mill returns, every effort will be made to help accommodate your request; however, ultimately it will be the manufacturer’s decision. Where Elias Wilf does receive return approval, we incur a re-stock fee and freight fee to return items to the mill; we simply pass these fees forward to you with no additional up-charge. We try to be fair and we promise to carefully review each situation.

Please note: The following categories are considered not-returnable to Elias Wilf.

  • Items Not Stocked by Elias Wilf
  • Cut or Altered Items
  • Special Order Items
  • Small Quantities of Dye Lot Sensitive Material
  • Discontinued Items (drops)
  • Seconds and Rems
  • Open Cartons
  • Pad, Adhesive, Trim, Sundries and Accessories

To initiate a return request, contact our Claims department 800-642-9453 ext. 8211, or by email returns@eliaswilf.com.

Elias Wilf Standard Returns (Stocking items)


  • All pick-ups require proper authorization and paperwork before return (drivers will not pick up material without R/A paperwork)
  • All return requests must be made within 30 days of invoice date.
  • All returns must be resalable, in un-opened, un-damaged cartons, or original wrappings. Roll goods may not be cut.
  • All returns must be prepared for shipping. (Roll goods-wrapped face out / Cartons – properly secured to a pallet)

Drivers will make 2 attempts to pick up material. If the material is not available or does not meet the criteria,the Return Authorization (R/A) will be cancelled and will not be re-issued.


Roll Goods (Vinyl):

12’ material

20’ and over
15’ – 19’11”
15’ and under

6’ material

35’ and over
25’ – 34’11”
25’ and under

Restock Fee

30% ($70 minimum)
50% ($70 minimum)
No Returns Accepted

Carton Material (i.e. Hardwood, LVT, Laminate, etc…):

5 carton minimum

30% ($70 minimum)


Elias Wilf Damaged Claim Returns

Elias Wilf Corporation is dedicated to prompt action in all instances of damaged material. If you receive damaged material, please contact the Elias Wilf claims department immediately 800-642-9453 ext.8211. Once we receive the replacement order, your problem will be resolved expediently. No restocking fee will be applied on goods damaged due to Elias Wilf handling.


  • All pick-ups require proper authorization and paperwork before return (drivers will not pick up material without R/A paperwork)
  • All return requests for damaged roll goods must be made within 10 days of delivery.
  • All return requests for damaged carton goods, trims and sundries, must be made within 1 day of delivery.
  • All returns must be wrapped and secured for shipping.

All returns will be inspected; if they fail the above criteria the retailer will be notified and credit will not be issued.

 Material not credited will be held for 30 days, during which dealer may request material be reshipped.

(A $70 return freight fee will be assessed).  After 30 days, material will be disposed of.

Invoices are due and payable in full on any material not acceptable for credit.

Please use this information as a guideline when placing orders. While we pledge to do our best to be accommodating and fair, the guidelines and conditions are subject to change at our discretion.

II. Elias Wilf Order Change & Cancellation Policy

At Elias Wilf, we understand that occasionally circumstances cause a need to change or even cancel an order that you have placed. It is our goal to be as helpful as possible in facilitating the necessary changes. However, the key to our being able to accommodate these requests will of course be determined by exactly where the order stands relative to its stage of being processed.

• Elias Wilf Stocking Orders

Any change or cancellation request requires 48 hours notice, prior to ship day.

Elias Wilf begins staging orders within the 48 hour window, and changes inside this time frame are not possible as it would require offloading from truck, repackaging, re-staging, etc., in other words, the order is already in motion.

For requests within the guidelines, contact the Elias Wilf Customer Service Dept.

– Order changes for stocking items will be made immediately, and verified for accuracy
– A cancellation number will be given at time of cancellation (please keep this number handy for easy reference)

• Non-Stocking Special Orders

Any change or cancellation requests generally require notice within 48 hrs of placing an order.

Elias Wilf must forward these requests to the manufacturer to be sure the material is not already inside their shipping window and can be cancelled before we can commit to honoring the request.

For requests within the guidelines, contact the Elias Wilf Customer Service Dept.

– An order change request will be taken, submitted to the manufacturer for inquiry as to the status of order, and request for approval to cancel. If the mill is able to accommodate the request, Elias Wilf will notify account that the cancellation has been made and a cancellation number will be given.

– In the event that the cancellation is not able to be made, the account will be responsible for accepting the order as originally placed.

III. Elias Wilf Refused Delivery Policy

All refused deliveries fall into one of three categories:

Please note: All refused orders will initiate a claim and may incur fees.


Visible damage, or possible shipment issues noted at time of delivery.

(Partial shipment, over-shipment, or not on truck all together)

– In these situations, the Elias Wilf driver will immediately contact the proper personnel to begin resolution.


Such as; …store being closed during regular hours …there is no equipment to handle the unloading of the truck …A COD account does not have payment available at time of delivery.

– In these situations, the Elias Wilf driver will notify the proper personnel and the account will be contacted and arrangements made for re-delivery. (Refused delivery charge of $100 and an additional delivery fee will be applied)  


Issues with respect to the order or the actual contents of the order, including a dispute over size, quantity, color, etc.

– In these situations, an Elias Wilf claim will be initiated and investigated for resolution within 5 business days, including if applicable, reviewing phone recordings. If claim is not deemed valid, delivery will be rescheduled and fees applied, or if cancellable, a $100 Refused Delivery fee and all applicable restock charges and fees will be assessed to the account. Non-Stocking material will be billed in full and applicable refused delivery fee will be assessed.  If the claim is valid, the issue will be remedied immediately.

IV. Installed Material


Elias Wilf will not be responsible for any cost incurred for the installation of material with visual defects or the installation of incorrect material. Claims NOT involving defective material must be filed with EW claims dept. within 10 days from date of delivery.


Elias Wilf as a wholesale distributor does not offer warranties on products manufactured by other companies.  Copies of the manufacturers’ written warranties on products we sell are available upon request.

V. Elias Wilf Order Policy

All orders must be shipped or picked up within two weeks of ordering.  Orders not delivered or picked up within the given time frame will be considered refused and will be subject to our refused delivery policy in section III. This applies to all orders including but not limited to; Will Call and COD orders.


  1. Non-Stocking/Special orders totaling $7500 or more will not be processed or shipped without a signed confirmation of content, pricing and delivery address.
  2. Stocking orders totaling $10,000 or more will not be shipped without a signed confirmation of content, pricing and delivery address.


Freight charges for shipments outside the Elias Wilf prepaid delivery zone will be the responsibility of the retailer.


There is a $150 fee in addition to regular delivery charges for all jobsite deliveries.

  • Elias Wilf does not deliver to a residential area.


All mill direct orders will ship freight collect via carrier of the dealers’ choice.


Orders must be placed with your Elias Wilf sales representative. Please contact him/her for program details.

VI. Elias Wilf Credit / Payment Policy


Elias Wilf payment terms are Net 30 for non-COD accounts.

A 50% deposit may be required on non-stocking / special orders.


We strive to eliminate as many billing discrepancies as possible, and request that you contact your sales rep immediately should there be a billing / pricing issue.  This will result in a quick resolution and our ability to ensure that future orders are priced accurately.  Note that we are unable to issue credit to any invoice aged beyond 60 days.

Short pays and deductions are not accepted and may result in shipping delays on other orders you have placed.


Payments by credit card are subject to an administrative fee.


There is a $50 charge for checks returned unpaid by the bank for any reason. Multiple returned checks may affect an account’s payment terms or credit line with Elias Wilf.


Accounts with past due balances are subject to a 2.0% monthly finance charge on all past due balances.


Elias Wilf reserves the right to review, change or remove credit lines at our discretion.

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